2. Anonymous said: Hey Dandy! :D Just wondering.. if you had the chance, will you ask Scarlet out on a date?


    "I dunno… I’m afraid I kinda blew it with Scarlet… If I wasn’t so sure she’d laugh in my face… I might.

    I REALLY hope that you will consider dating her, Dandy.

  3. My dashboards are full of dandies.
    I can’t help it I freakin’ LOVE this guy.
    Maybe I should just change my blog to “Dandy’s Fangirl” or “Notice me Dandy”?

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  5. tylersvathings:




    Anything is possible when your man looks like Space Dandy and not a lady.

    Based on the post from the Imagine Space Dandy blog.

    Music is Hot Wind from the Space Dandy OST.

    Gawd. Gotta love a guy who looks like Space Dandy.

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  6. the-burger-dude:

    triple cheeseburger.

    It’s 12am. There’s no food around and I torture myself with these burger images.

  7. You know you love someone when you see them imperfectly perfect.

  8. *heavy breathing*

  9. fyeahspacedandy:


    Way back in March of this year, when the new school year had barely begun and I had nothing to do, I thought I’d watch Space Dandy.  Needless to say, the sheer hilarity of it, wacky characters, and insanely bizarre (and sometimes heartfelt) stories got me instantly hooked.  

    So then I thought about starting a Space Dandy blog!  I hadn’t seen any blogs dedicated solely to Space Dandy (other than asks blogs) so I thought “Why not?!”

    Six months and almost 4,000 followers later, here we are.  

    I had no idea this blog would get as popular as it did.  It’s amazing how a show as awesome as Space Dandy can bring so many people together; from our fun-filled livestreams, to all our silly Dandy posts on Tumblr.

    You babes are some of the nicest, funniest and most creative people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  I just…



  10. First time in Tumblr!

    Like srlsy, I don’t know why I haven’t made one.
    I wanted to have a place where I can save and somehow share all of the things that I like, anything under the sky.. 
    And Tumblr seems to be the perfect place for it. :)